Reviews For North
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Reviewer: Jessica Anonymous Date: 10/03/08 - 06:51 pm Title: North

I really love this series!

Your characterizations all seemed perfect. This is pretty much exactly how I read the character dynamics on the show between everyone. Particularly the relationships between John and Rodney, John and Ronon, Ronon and Rodney, and Ronon and Elizabeth.

I've never seen/believed the popular John/Rodney pairing in this fandom based on the show. I find the John/Ronon interactions much more loaded. And you've captured pretty much exactly what I see when I watch the show.

I would love to see you write more of this series or even just more of this pairing. I read it all in one sitting and I'm definitely bookmarking it to reread again at a later date. It was lovely!

Author's Response: Yay for John/Ronon peeps!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this. Sadly, I don't think there will be anymore, but honestly, I say things like that all the time and end up being wrong. So we shall see. Thanks!

Reviewer: lexii314 Anonymous Date: 08/03/08 - 06:35 pm Title: Unsaid

Fantastic!!! loved the tone, mood and tempo. I loved revisitig those past episods through John/Ronon. Thank you

Author's Response: I had such a great time writing this one. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks!

Reviewer: Laura Anonymous Date: 19/05/07 - 04:06 pm Title: Unsaid

Great fic.

I loved the depth of characterisation, most notably of John and Ronon, but also of Teyla, Rodney and the others. I loved the nuances and how they *knew* each other. Also, I liked seeing the canon episodes through the more emotional, personal povs.


Author's Response: Nobody's read this fic in a while, it was really exciting to get a response. Thank you so much, especially for your comments on characterisation, which I work quite diligently at. *hugs*

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