Reviews For One Night Stand
Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: 21/01/18 - 09:29 pm Title: Backstory

I really loved this story and like to read the rest story as well. This is excellent and favorite rush essays stories of mine. Could you please tell me that how many more chapters are left in this story?

Reviewer: Indiana McAulay Anonymous Date: 19/01/18 - 03:51 am Title: Special

Chapter one was really interesting to read and now I have been looking for the best chapter to be here. The story has been really interesting that are from the same writer and developer.
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Reviewer: Georgia Dynon Anonymous Date: 01/01/18 - 03:41 am Title: Special

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Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: 20/07/17 - 12:38 pm Title: Comic Book Ending

I like this comic story and the funny part is when his phone buzz bestessays writes during his interview. This is funny but it happened to me as well. That was a really strange moment for me as in the real life people don’t think anything funny about such situations even their expressions is too much weird.

Reviewer: FBFVB Anonymous Date: 17/05/17 - 06:04 am Title: One Night Stand

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Reviewer: sauciloo Anonymous Date: 10/08/08 - 10:58 am Title: Step Eight

god I love the way you write Mikeyway. it doesn't matter the context, or that I don't know the characters or the relevant plot notes. It's still poignant and earnest and an exercise in dissecting the fragility and strength of something that's woven together, worked on, not just for mere decorative purpose like lace, but so that it's serviceable, too, like a spiderweb or blanket. He's not just beautiful, and it certainly isn't effortless.

you with the rocking of my world and such.

incidentally, I absolutely get what you were going for with 8, made a list of all people and became willing. But I'd put it in the spiritual category of 9. Made direct amends (Ronon staying with his team) and except when to do so would injure them or others - which to my interpretation is about indirect amends, sometimes you make things right by how you choose to go on, learn from your missteps and live in a way that honors the people who believed in you while you hurt them. Like Mikey is doing, showing Ronon that his team, like Mikey's band, doesn't work that way.

so fucking good

Author's Response: I debated the eight/nine thing for a long time. *sigh* I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I was thinking about you the other day, missing you.

Reviewer: whoyouinvent Anonymous Date: 09/08/08 - 08:43 am Title: Step Eight

hey - so, i don't really know anything about sga except for vague ideas about john's connection with it, and the handful of images i googled, but i really liked this series - just the physical contrasts of ronon and mikey are pretty amazing, and the way ronon acknowledges the strength that mikey has to be weak sometimes is pretty incredible.

Author's Response: You're so sweet, they way you just blindly go places for me. *hugs you hard* Thank you.

Reviewer: Neviditelny Anonymous Date: 26/07/08 - 08:56 pm Title: Backstory

The summary made me snicker uncontrollably. The fic itself made me grin with glee. I love these sorts of crossovers.

Author's Response: I want to write more of this one. Ronon/Mikey is filled with love for me. I'm glad you enjoy it as well. Thanks!

Reviewer: clayeer Anonymous Date: 11/01/08 - 12:17 pm Title: Backstory

this is so fantastic. i want to know how they met, how mikey gets on with ronon's team, how ronon gets on with the band... what happens when ronon has to go back to pegasus :< seriously i love ronon with ANYBODY and i love mikeyway full stop so this is pretty much perfect!

Author's Response: I know, this pairing just makes me full of happy. I probably will get back to writing it one of these days...

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