Reviews For Want, Need, Have
Reviewer: sceaterian Anonymous Date: 22/11/17 - 06:54 am Title: Just Off the Key of Reason


Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: 17/05/17 - 12:03 pm Title: Want, Need, Have

You are right writer really this story is amazing and must read. I really enjoy your whole best essays au article story. You have also explained the story in beautiful words. Well done really very well. Both the title lines are amazing and really match to the topic. Happy reading day! I love reading. I think there should be one day dedicated to books.

Reviewer: Jiksa Anonymous Date: 02/08/15 - 04:05 am Title: Just Off the Key of Reason

This story is so amazing and so beautifully told. An absolute pleasure to read

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Reviewer: o1 Anonymous Date: 08/12/14 - 07:17 pm Title: Just Off the Key of Reason

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Reviewer: onthehill Anonymous Date: 26/12/12 - 03:26 am Title: Just Off the Key of Reason

Just wonderful!

Reviewer: Lux Anonymous Date: 06/07/12 - 09:17 pm Title: Want, Need, Have

(Oh God I'm going to start looking really creepy and stalkerish soon, aren't I?)

You have that ability to say so much with so little and I adore it. You don't bog down the writing with too much description or epic internal monologues about their feelings, because it is so very obvious how Pete is feeling through a one line text message. And Gerard turning "Peter" into something beautiful and positive and *sigh* Even when its angsty and hard, I know that you will make sure that its better.

I will just make creepy, creepy heart eyes at you now as I venture off to decide which fic I'm reading next (in case you can't tell, I'm going through the Series tag first)

(I am not brave enough yet to re-read Care of Magical Creatures. I still remember how hard I cried the first time and I think that was...I don't want to say 10 years ago but probably 8? I can't remember exactly when I got into HP anymore...)

(I'm just going to start writing reviews as if we are old friends because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be here for awhile)

Author's Response: This is amazing. I do not consider it stalkery or creepy, it's a true gift at a time when I validly need one. Thank you so much.

Reviewer: kardo1 Anonymous Date: 29/08/09 - 04:00 am Title: A Little Bit Dirty

This is amazing. I had never imagined Gee and Pete together, but you made the pairing work. This is one of the sexiest things I've read in a long time. More! More!

Author's Response: Hee, I hope you read Sinsense's parts, because she blew my parts out of the water, for real. SOOOOO hot. Thanks!

Reviewer: luxover Anonymous Date: 08/06/09 - 09:25 am Title: Just Off the Key of Reason


You really capture the effort it takes to make a relationship work, and that's awesome. It doesn't happen too fast, you know? The readers are there every step of the way.

Seriously, amazing job. One of my all time favorite stories ever, for sure. I plan on giving myself a ten minute break and then reading it all over again.


Author's Response: LOL. I'm sorry, please don't think that this isn't the most awesome comment ever, I'm just laughing at your ten minute comment. Excellent. Thank you.

Reviewer: revii Anonymous Date: 16/07/08 - 04:51 pm Title: Just Off the Key of Reason

Amazing. Made me love Gerard/Pete.

Author's Response: Fantastic. Thanks!

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