Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: 03/06/18 - 01:27 pm Title: The Best of Intentions

Beautiful aussiewritingreviews writing skills you have that is quite valuable for us all. I have read the story that is interesting and enjoyable really like it. Keep it up with your amazing writing stuff would like to visit for more.

Reviewer: cao Anonymous Date: 10/12/15 - 07:04 pm Title: Airborne

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Reviewer: Crayon Anonymous Date: 31/01/15 - 02:37 am Title: The Best of Intentions

Liked this very very much.

Reviewer: Crayon Anonymous Date: 27/01/15 - 02:26 am Title: Airborne

I like this Snape and Luna together, so it's nice to see this little moment between them.

Reviewer: Fallacy Anonymous Date: 21/10/14 - 11:47 pm Title: The Best of Intentions

Holy cow. I know you wrote this story awhile ago... but WOW this story is incredible. I am a huge D/G fan and I cannot believe I missed reading this. Just my luck that I happened to come across it in a livejournal recommendation list! You write both characters so flawlessly and your style is so refreshing and REAL. Thank you so much for this amazing read.

Reviewer: AB Anonymous Date: 10/02/10 - 10:16 pm Title: Intrinsic Charm

Your stories are like crack. Of the best kind. Never read a Snape/Luna before, but certainly will.

Author's Response: Well, I hope they don't have the side effects... *g*

Reviewer: clare_san Anonymous Date: 17/06/09 - 09:11 pm Title: Intrinsic Charm

this is one of those pairings that i really just love! i think you did a fantastic job of drawing everyone from where they start in the books, and i especially love how you've done luna! she is one of my favorite underutilized characters! and i love her dynamic with severus.

Author's Response: Thank you! I wrote this for someone else, which always makes me uncertain of how I come off. Again, thanks.

Reviewer: OolongFinale Anonymous Date: 06/08/08 - 09:19 pm Title: Intrinsic Charm

This is so cute! I'm glad I read it. Thanks for giving it to us :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and commenting!

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