Reviews For Mind's Eye
Reviewer: New Year Anonymous Date: 11/12/19 - 05:53 am Title: DSM

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Reviewer: Camille W. Clemons Anonymous Date: 04/04/19 - 11:51 am Title: DSM

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Reviewer: skill Anonymous Date: 12/06/18 - 01:08 am Title: Mind's Eye

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Reviewer: ssid Anonymous Date: 31/07/17 - 09:11 pm Title: Mind's Eye

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Reviewer: Timmy Anonymous Date: 29/04/17 - 05:53 am Title: Mind's Eye

One of the very thrilling stories that I've read. Very unique plot and the characters did a great job in keeping my imagination in action. Even the students from Rushmyessay are very hooked reading this kind of story as well.

Reviewer: aa54445555 Anonymous Date: 20/04/17 - 07:23 pm Title: Prison of the Mind

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Reviewer: Anon Anonymous Date: 07/09/11 - 02:28 pm Title: Mind's Eye

I really like this. Short, sweet and deliciously written. I'd really like to read more in this universe, if you're up to writing it!

Author's Response: There actually are a couple more stories in this universe. You can see them if you go to the series page connected with it. Glad you enjoyed. Thank you!

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