Reviews For Comfort Food
Reviewer: Alsatia Anonymous Date: 17/11/17 - 11:51 am Title: 1

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Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: 16/11/17 - 02:41 pm Title: 1

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Reviewer: aleeg Anonymous Date: 11/07/17 - 10:24 am Title: 1

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Reviewer: Idres Anonymous Date: 02/06/17 - 02:15 pm Title: 1

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Reviewer: Katharine Anonymous Date: 22/10/16 - 05:32 pm Title: 1

Love this! I like the give and take between Harry and Draco. One note- handcuffs (even fur lined cuffs) aren't advisable for actually attaching people to things, as they can cut off circulation and cause injuries. But maybe there's a cushioning charm that happened off screen:)

Reviewer: evil_dime Anonymous Date: 09/04/13 - 10:27 pm Title: 1

Huh, that's different. It's not really romantic, at all, but then again, it's just the sweetest thing ever. I'm confused. ;)
- Dime

Reviewer: Vaysh11 Anonymous Date: 13/01/13 - 06:31 am Title: 1

Because there's always new people coming to fandom who have little chance to discover this gem of H/D, I recced it: :D

Reviewer: Marlina Anonymous Date: 13/01/12 - 03:05 am Title: 1

Wonderful wonderful fic! Ending was fucking brilliant.

Author's Response: Hee! Thank you so much.

Reviewer: Beth Anonymous Date: 13/07/11 - 10:08 pm Title: 1

Oh my goodness. This was stunningly good. I loved the witty banter, Harry's persistence, and Draco's quiet strength. Oh, the witty banter. So, so good. I must go reread this now.

Author's Response: *g* Why, thank you! What a nice thing to hear right before the new movie.

Reviewer: booboomagoo Anonymous Date: 28/11/10 - 03:01 pm Title: 1

Loved it. The sweetness with the icecream references, the SMILES.. gorgeous. I really liked the careers you gave them, even if at first I found it hard to see Draco in Fortescues! But it all worked. Gorgeous!

Author's Response: Thanks! I had fun writing this one, it was for a challenge, which are always a good time. Glad you enjoyed!

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