Reviews For Peripheral Vision
Reviewer: CheshireEmpress Anonymous Date: 07/07/07 - 12:15 pm Title: Chapter 1

I've never read this before! HOW have I never read this before?

Brendon getting bottled is one of my bulletproof h/c things, and I will read any story about it, so I am not unbiased here. But your *characterization*! I've seen the video, and oh, THOSE BOYS. Jon is so very pissed off, and Ryan, I don't think Ryan has any idea how to react but you know that he wasn't expecting it and he couldn't have prepared himself for it, and I can't even see Spencer but you know he's maybe even more pissed off than Jon because he *knows* there's nothing he can do from behind his kit.

And then Bob and Mikey come in and make it better, not okay but better, and, oh. Just. HEARTS.

Author's Response: Yeah. Yeah, the bottling may or may not have been a huge part of what got me into this fandom. *looks shifty* It actually appears in TWO different stories that I'm working on right now... Thank you!

Reviewer: prettykitty_aya Anonymous Date: 19/04/07 - 06:37 pm Title: Chapter 1

this piece just tears at me, really. i love it. i've watched a couple of youtube vids of the incident and jon is the first band member over there and you can tell by the way he holds his body that he's really, really not happy (it seems that way to me at least) - i like the way you've captured the opposite side of that and how things can hit you worse later than at the time of the incident...and, of course, MikeyWay always helps :D

Author's Response: Mikey Way is a thing of beauty, is he not? Poor Protective!Jon. *huggles him* Thank you!

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