Reviews For Good Boys
Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: 16/10/17 - 12:48 pm Title: Chapter 1

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Reviewer: Anonymous Anonymous Date: 29/07/16 - 01:10 am Title: Chapter 1

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Reviewer: Cheyenne Anonymous Date: 23/04/11 - 08:01 pm Title: Chapter 1

This was so fucking amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you!!

Reviewer: Sara Anonymous Date: 04/01/11 - 07:06 pm Title: Chapter 1

I had to read this in parts, but let me just tell you, it's fucking amazing. great job!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much! It probably works better in parts in some ways, since it was written in a really bizarre fashion.

Reviewer: panicis_life Anonymous Date: 16/02/10 - 06:31 pm Title: Chapter 1

there are no words to describe how much i love this. well, maybe there are words, but i dont have the ability to write them.

Author's Response: Thank you so so much. This story always has been and always will be special to me.

Reviewer: Adrienne Anonymous Date: 01/10/09 - 09:35 pm Title: Chapter 1

Ok, ive probably read this a million times and am only just now commenting, but this is absolute brilliance. you build the characters up so well that they feel more real to me than anything else i've ever read. and i'm really really glad ryan and brendon end up together in the end. and i adore the reoccurring "mine." this is really really brilliant and there are so many things i love about it that i just cant verbalise right now, but essentially, you are a truly gifted writer.

Author's Response: Thank you. This story is, and will always be, close to my heart, in some ways now more than ever. I really appreciate hearing this.

Reviewer: 345 Anonymous Date: 04/06/09 - 05:03 pm Title: Chapter 1

this is divine.

Author's Response: Thank you.

Reviewer: Katie Anonymous Date: 27/12/08 - 08:40 am Title: Chapter 1

Oh, wow. Um, yeah. That just rendered me speechless. It was so beautiful, and exact, and how do you even WRITE like that? *snuggles you* I don't even know what to say. That was incredible. SO very incredible.

Author's Response: In this case? You tell everything that's important to you to a person you hope will understand. Which isn't an answer, but it's what I've got. Thank you so much. This story is really important to me and I appreciate the kind feedback.

Reviewer: Chrissy/MayQueen517 Anonymous Date: 17/11/08 - 09:26 am Title: Chapter 1

Um, I think I just might love you right now. I'm such a whore for ...y'know, putting-them-back-together fics, and this one hit all my precious little loves on the nose.

It's funny, a week ago, I wasn't really even into Panic enough to wanna write 'em and now I'm just...sorta jumping headfirst into the fandom and seeing just how damned wrapped up I can get. And you've done such a marvelous job of making this fic one of my all time favorites.

Absolutely fantastic. :-D

Author's Response: Welcome to the fandom. I hope you have fun writing them, I know I do. Glad you enjoyed this one, it was a true work of love.

Reviewer: gemmi999 Anonymous Date: 27/10/08 - 06:15 pm Title: Chapter 1

I'm not sure I have the right to leave you a review on this story (Good Boys) because I couldn't finish it. I got maybe half-way through and had to scroll to the end to ensure that Brendon/Ryan would still be together, and then I clicked back to read a different story that you'd written.

And I honestly don't mean that in a bad way. You have this talent for taking characters and rounding them out, making them seem whole (complete with problems and neurosis) and sometimes that's just too much; sometimes I just want to be able to enjoy a fluffy story that doesn't have me thinking about the human condition.

A lot of the conversations Brendon/Ryan have are similar to conversations I've had with friends/loved ones in my life. There was that level of realism which totally added to the story.

You made your characters pieces of a whole and made them fit together (not perfectly, like a jigsaw; but rather likes pieces of cake that fall apart--never to be completely put back together because there are crumbs missing, but the point is you can try and try and get it nearly perfect, even though there's always a visible edge/divide). And that is just so human-like; so real.

It's easy to pretend that when you're with somebody who matters, when you're with somebody who can complete your thoughts--that life will become easy. It's really tempting to believe in that "happily ever after" mentality. And you clearly don't let your characters fall into that.

You make them struggle; and you make them incomplete even when their together; and you make everything so fucking real it's hard to read.

So--yeah. I loved the parts of the story that I read, and I'm glad in the end people ended up together (although I'm confused as fuck as to how Mikey/Gerard fit in, because I stopped reading before they were mentioned) and yes.

Thank you.

Author's Response: LOL. This story is part of a larger universe referring to as TGAN, there are four other stories in it, and they help make a lot more sense of the MCR presence. That said, thank you for this. You're not the first person who has told me they couldn't read it to completion, and while I never know QUITE how to feel about that, it does make me happy that I at least speak to people in some meaningful way. Again, thank you!

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