Reviews For 42
Reviewer: Quizzical Signed Date: 01/04/08 - 06:00 am Title: Chapter 1

i saw the new photos of spencer in a t-shirt. and was surprised there was no drumstick on his arm.

then i realised. wrong universe.



Author's Response: *giggles* sad, but true.

Reviewer: Quizzical Anonymous Date: 24/03/08 - 04:31 am Title: Chapter 1

i have lurked here for a while. this is the story i keep coming back to. this whole 'verse' actually.

awesome stuff.


Author's Response: Welcome out of lurkerdom! Aw, thank you so much, this verse is so so SO close to my heart.

Reviewer: newfan Anonymous Date: 15/02/08 - 03:38 pm Title: Chapter 1

it's the bits where they just 'get' each other so well. know all the unsaid, unspoken stuff about each other. makes me all heart-clenchy. in the best way.

bob and spencer are my favourites.

Author's Response: They are both made of awesome, so it's hard to go wrong with them. Thanks!

Reviewer: newfan Anonymous Date: 01/02/08 - 03:49 am Title: Chapter 1

oh god.

i've been reading this on and off all day.

i have to find the other parts that go with it. i found this searching for spencer fics.

i could absolutely hear their voices in my head as they spoke. and the hesitations and insecurities and fucked-up-edness and strengths and LOVE were so overwhelming. i was close to tears about 4 times.

really beautiful stuff.

Author's Response: Yay!! I'm glad you found this and enjoyed it. This series is super close to my heart. Thank you so much!

Reviewer: mel Anonymous Date: 15/01/08 - 05:50 am Title: Chapter 1

*sigh* How do you do it? Seriously. That was so good. I started reading this at 4am, not it's almost 9am. And, I'm all woo-ing. Nice job!

Author's Response: Hee. OMGoodness, SLEEP! Thanks honey, this story has a special place in my heart, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: Kat Anonymous Date: 25/09/07 - 10:03 pm Title: Chapter 1

Yeah, so, I've been reading this off and on since you've posted it, and I've pretty much mainlined it by now. I really, really can't wait until you write more Bob/Spencer, because there needs to be more of it. Seriously, it's awesome in a way where I'm late for things because I'm in the middle of a re-read. Like work. Please, please write more of those two.

Author's Response: I think maybe I should stop writing it so that you can, you know, make a living. *g* Thank you, sweetheart.

Reviewer: Lorwyndaystar Anonymous Date: 25/09/07 - 09:17 pm Title: Chapter 1

So I just read your Author's note about TGAN and in it you said that this fic probably shouldn't be read on its own, as a lot of what's going on in it builds on the other fics. However, as someone who stumbled into this series by way of 42 (because I couldn't pass up a Spencer/Bob fic), I actually liked not knowing everything that was going on. It made it seem more real, I guess, because I was making guesses about stuff that would turn out to be true later on. Also, it made reading Scenes From A Bus a bit less difficult because I knew where it was going. Still, it's good to know that the rest of the fics will fill in the blanks left behind by this one. Anyway, excellent job, as always. I can't wait to read the rest of them!

Author's Response: That's actually really awesome to know. I'd never thought of it that way, but that's interesting. *hugs you for your brain* Thank you, love.

Reviewer: jay Anonymous Date: 17/09/07 - 02:21 pm Title: Chapter 1

can i marry you? or this story? but preferably {sp?} you. this was pure love and i enjoyed it immensely {sp?}. so. thank you for posting it [writing it].

Author's Response: Hee, well, I'm single, so you've as good a shot as anyone. *g* Thanks!

Reviewer: Dana Anonymous Date: 09/09/07 - 08:57 pm Title: Chapter 1


Your Spencer here, who holds his friends' secrets close to his chest, who will protect them even from Bob with ferocity?

I'm a little in love with him. Or maybe a lot.

Author's Response: Spencer is so, so, so the best friend ever. EVER. I'm glad you loved this so much. They stole my heart lots while I was writing this, and yes, that comfort, that strength, it just. Yes. Thanks, baby.

Reviewer: Dana Anonymous Date: 09/09/07 - 08:45 pm Title: Chapter 1

There is literally nothing about this that I don't love. Seriously, everything here made my heart happy. As much as I adore when you expose cracks and breaks and dysfunctions, and explore the angles on that, I was blown away by the...steadiness here.

They fit together so nicely, so smoothly, and they're good for each other. I like that it's not about them needing each other to be fixed or whole, that they are stable and steady on their own, and that in each other they find someone to lean on, who'll lean on them.

It's stunningly real and something I can relate to with serenity and pragmatism.

Beyond that, and far more shallowly, I love the sexual dynamic, how they're both well-adjusted (especially comparatively to others in this verse) sexually and are so very...sensual, even hedonistic. It speaks to their comfort, their joy, their love of each other that they can do the things they do, that they can give over so completely.

Just, yeah, I love this. *flails*

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