Reviews For Yearbook Snapshot
Reviewer: Avea Anonymous Date: 20/01/08 - 03:48 pm Title: Chapter 1

I can't believe you went and changed web pages without, you know, _announcing_ it somewhere *pout* I've been checking for updates weekly for 19 months, and here you've been, merrily posting away.

Oh well. Found ya:p

This was kind of awesome. I have no idea whether it will work out, but the sudden potential was beautiful. I really enjoyed the rewrite into non-magical world, how you managed it with so few words. And I liked how when there's no Voldemort, Regulus grows up and teaches biology.

Awesome. On to read something else new-to-me!

Author's Response: Oh man, I'm so sorry. I did announce it on my LJ, but as I never actually ran my old site, there was no way for me to get in there and announce it to people there. Oh hon, ouch. *hugs* Way to be loyal. You're totally awesome.

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