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Reviewer: Quizzical Signed Date: 01/04/08 - 06:18 am Title: Chapter 1

Bob rolled his eyes. Spencer said, "Uh. Me too. The you-sick thing."

"Yeah," Bob said, because he already knew.

you-sick. oh it's such love.

"Would you prefer something more convenient over him?"

Bob scowled at the suggestion.

"Yeah, well, he feels the same way."

oh boy.
i did read them all. and they were lovely.
bob and frank.
anzac day! yay.
but i just can't go past your bob/spencer.

i'm relatively new to bandom, and the otp thing is weird. cos there's like... who is most likely 'in real life' to actually have (at some point) gotten together or have the potential to. but there's this other way you've introduced me to of who could have this fascinating dynamic. and it's sort of regardless of how plausible it is in other ways. and that's the way i love your bob/spencer. it will/would never happen i think. but this? is how it SO could be. /rambling

Bob says, "Whiskers on kittens, Smith."

Spencer says, "Yesterday."

it's all there.

Author's Response: Well, like I said in the meme, I'm more interested in the possible than in the present. Glad you're finding something to enjoy in it as well!

Reviewer: newfan Anonymous Date: 02/02/08 - 05:44 am Title: Chapter 1

Bob says, "Whiskers on kittens, Smith."

Spencer says, "Yesterday."

oh my heart.

Author's Response: They are so sweet, aren't they?

Reviewer: my cyanide sun Signed Date: 30/01/08 - 03:19 pm Title: Chapter 1

i was like "i don't think she's ever going to update again!" i was saddened! but okay, this was so totally worth the wait. my absolute favorite is definitely the longest day of the year one! that was hot. and pete and bob? that's just GREAT.

i'm so in love with this.

Author's Response: Hee. Dude, it's only been a month. I can only write so fast. I'm glad you enjoyed these!

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