Reviews For Marking Time
Reviewer: Helene Anonymous Date: 01/06/11 - 11:39 am Title: Chapter 1

I really like this one. It expresses something I can't quite name, but I know the feeling. I haven't felt this lost in a long time now, but I like the reminder that others feel this way too.

I think what makes it a story to read more than once is that you gave Draco someone to comfort him.

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm big on the comfort thing. I can make it happen in stories, which isn't always true in the outside world, so, you know. I do.

Reviewer: Janilady Anonymous Date: 04/12/10 - 01:26 pm Title: Chapter 1

Your ability to strip away unneeded explanations and reach down to the bone of a sentiment and a character continues to keep me in awe. At times, your shorter creations strike me as a Haiku is supposed to- a blazing image, striking in its impact and elegant in its delivery.

Several years ago I randomly came across a HP fanfiction story of yours. It was the first fanfiction I had ever read. It convinced me that fanfiction was worth exploring and reading. Thank you for that. I'm happy I recently found this site and have been able to read more of your work.

Author's Response: This is pretty much probably one of the most amazing pieces of feedback I've ever recieved--and I've been writing for over a decade. Just, wow. I'm glad you found fanfiction too, if it makes you happy, and even more glad that I could be part of that.

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